14-Year-Old Charged With Trying to Kill Mother

A 14-year-old boy is charged in Brown County with trying to kill his mother by choking her while she slept.

A criminal complaint says Wade Klipstine admitted that he tried to kill his mother, Jessie Klipstine, because she kept bringing up his past problems, including bomb threats he had written on a bathroom wall at school.

The boy is charged in adult court with attempted first-degree intentional homicide and intimidating a victim.

Jessie Klipstine told investigators she hugged her son good night and told him she loved him, then woke up in the middle of the night Sunday to find him on top of her with his hands around her throat. She fought him off and the struggle moved to a hallway where she was able to grab a phone and call her mother who alerted authorities.

Wade Klipstine is being held at the Brown County Juvenile Detention Center on $25,000 bond.