13-Year-Old Girl Allergic to Almost Everything

A 13-year-old girl from Hereford, England, suffers from a rare skin condition that has left her allergic to just about everything – meaning she has to wear bandages 24 hours a day and apply creams every hour, it is being reported by the Daily Mail.

Laura Weaver’s condition is due to a breakdown in her immune system, which has made her skin ultra-sensitive, doctors said.

Her skin is constantly covered in eczema rashes, which is itchy and painful, the report said.

Laura, who was born with the condition, was recently allowed to go back to school after teachers created a "clean room," which protects her from irritants. Her skin will flare up after a whiff of perfume, or even if she lightly brushes up against someone else.

In fact, she is even allergic to dairy products, some fruit and wheat, and can react to non-cotton clothing and plastic furniture, the Daily Mail reported.

A tiny peanut can send her into anaphylactic shock and central heating can give her a fever.

Doctors explained Laura’s condition as “living with sunburn all the time.”

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