Step away from your computer!

Go to your closet and take a look around.

Go ahead.

What do you see?

Do have your basics?

Not sure what they are?

Well read on then!

Every well dressed man needs a few basic pieces in his closet. Eleven to be exact. These key items will keep you looking great day in and day out no matter what the occasion. They can be mixed and matched and of course accessorized to spice up your wardrobe (think bright colors, patterns etc). Below are my 11 must have, no holds barred, will get you through life wardrobe necessities.

1- Collared Shirts

Guys, this is a no brainer. A good blue or white shirt will take you a long way. Your options here are limited but important. Do you prefer a slim fit or something fuller? A french cuff or button sleeve? There's no right or wrong here, just what you feel most comfortable in.

2- Overcoat

There's nothing worse than a guy wearing a suit with a casual jacket. Boo! Invest in an overcoat for dressier occasions. Cashmere is wonderful but expensive! Look for wool coats that are stylish and will keep you warm. Some coats even have liners that zip in and out as the weather gets cooler.

3- Dress Shoes

Obviously you'll need a pair of dress shoes for work and formal occasions. In addition, try a pair of driving shoes that are soft on your feet and great with slacks or jeans. Keep in mind though, driving shoes should not be worn with a suit or tuxedo!

4- Sneakers

I certainly don't have to tell you to buy a pair of sneakers! However, trying something less athletic and more old-school stylish is a great alternative.

5- Suit

All men need one suit! You shouldn't have to scramble when a wedding rolls around. And why not? A suit is sooooo sexy. If you want to stick to something really basic, go navy or charcoal, but to mix it up, try a brown stripe or something checked.

6. Tie

Um, duh. You need a tie to go with your suit! I I love rep ties (ie. ties with repetitive patterns like stripes) that are totally classic and of course small patterns are great too. Just stay away from theme ties at the holidays!

7- Sport Coat

Why do you guys always forget about the sport coat? When you go to work you don't wear a jacket and for funerals and weddings you head straight for the suit in the back of your closet. A sport coat is an absolutely classic look that can work for all ocassions in between. It looks equally great with slacks and jeans and even shorts in the summer for a preppier look.

8- Khakis

Again guys,there's more to a wardrobe than just jeans and suit pants. A pair of khakis with a shirt, sweater or sport coat is a great way to look nice without over or under dressing.

9- Casual Jacket

Your overcoat should last you forever but WON'T if you wear it everywhere. Buy a casual jacket for weekends to go with jeans or khakis for all laid back occasions. A casual jacket is usually shorter than an overcoat. Try a leather bomber, puffer jacket, barn jacket or pea coat.

10- Sweaters

As the weather gets colder your wardrobe should get warmer and let me tell you, there's nothing like snuggling up to a guy in a sweater. Ooh la la. Again cashmere is wonderous, but PRICEY! Look for cotton and wool to avoid spending too much moolah. Also try bright colors to add some oomph to your basics. For more on spicing up your wardrobe click here.

11- Jeans

Finally, your favorite item to live in, eat in, sleep in and refuse to wash! A good pair of jeans (or ten) is ok for almost every occasion. Especially on casual Fridays, wearing denim to work is acceptable. So find a tailored pair that works for you. For the PERFECT pair click and every style, grooming, fitness and relationship tip you'll ever need to know, click here! • Visit us on our Facebook page! >>