10 Weird & Wacky Jobs Out There!

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There’s quite a few of us out there that are in jobs that we can’t even understand – Jobs that don’t seem they could exist, but they do! Believe it or not, but FOX Fan has compiled the top 10 occupations that will knock your socks off!

Chimney Sweeper

Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey Chim chim cher-ee! Bert from “Mary Poppins” performed this exact job! The occupation of chimney sweep is considered to be one of the oldest in the world, as chimneys have been around since ancient times, though it is only in the last two hundred years that the chimney has grown large enough to hold a man, giving rise to the image of the chimney sweep as it developed in the time of the Industrial Revolution. With the increased urban population, the number of houses with chimneys grew in pace and the occupation of chimney sweep became much respected and sought-after, although it is sometimes derided in verse, ballad and pantomime.

Pet Food Taster

Not only do these people eat dog food all the time, some actually enjoy it! It's kind of like wine connoisseurs enjoying a new wine, except its stuff your dog or cat eats. They usually have many theories about why certain combinations of meats, sauces and condiments that please their palate and please their “clients” as well. To each is own … right?

Foley Artist

You probably hear their work all the time and don't even realize it - Foley artists are responsible for making those everyday environmental sounds in movies and shows on television. They create and perform replacement sound effects in sync to picture in a recording studio, such as footsteps, clothing and many other everyday noises. From coconuts to flare guns, they often utilize whatever objects they please to accentuate sounds.

Mouse & Rat Surgeon

This unique job consists of performing animal surgery and invasive procedures on small laboratory animal models of cardiovascular disease in support of approved research protocols, including preoperative and postoperative care. In addition, they assist in drafting grant applications and IACUC protocols, and contribute to scholarly publications. Several years of experience performing rodent surgery is preferred!

Brand (Whiskey) Ambassador

Getting paid to drink whiskey - a job all college kids have been dreaming about since their first freshman party on campus. These lucky people's responsibilities include selecting the best whiskeys and teaching clients how to fully appreciate each whiskey's nuances and it comes with a nice salary on the side!

Gross Stunt Producer

If you've ever seen the TV shows like “Survivor” where people have to do disgusting things for money (like wade through rat-infested sewers or eat living bugs), rest assured it's because someone's job is to come up with such twisted concepts. Whether it’s eating animal intestines or swimming through leeches, a surprising amount of research is necessary to make sure that your ideas are not only gross, but also safe.

Bad Breath Smeller

How else would you figure out if your company's chewing gum is getting the job done? That’s right – this job tests out the many mints and flavor one stick of gum at a time! This also implies there are people whose job it is to chew gum and breathe in people's faces. Can you believe the minty freshness of it?


You'd be surprised how much you can learn from … poop. Pathoecologists study feces from thousands of years ago, learning much about the lifestyles and diets of our ancestors. Sifting through dung may not be the most glamorous work, but it gives us insight into the long lost details of daily life. Whether its pollen grains or bone chemistry, this interesting job gets us the answers to health questions in many different cultures that we need.

Gum Buster

WARNING: Remove Your Gum or I will! Have you ever sat down at a park bench and noticed you’ve put your hand in old gum? Well these guys are at your rescue! Most companies use high-pressure streams of water to blast the gum off the sidewalk and into the street. This allows gum busters to remove the gum completely while being environmentally friendly. It takes about five seconds to remove one piece of gum, and depending on how bad an area is, we can usually get it done in a day or two.

Pet Detective

Jim Carey’s “Ace Ventura Pet Detective” wasn’t too far fetched for this job description! From missing parrots and peacocks to missing cats and dogs and even stolen dolphins, this wacky job is sure never boring for the pet lover in most of us. Being on the run for the family’s best friend requires lots of wacky hours and road trips! You can find them worldwide – they are “at your service”!

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