Zombie apocalypse coming to Philadelphia

If you thought that crazy scene in 'World War Z' where zombies start popping out of nowhere and eating people's faces was scary, you might not want to go to a Flyers game anytime soon.

The Zombie Apocalypse is actually coming to Philadelphia.

Flyers goalie Steve Mason seems to be a fan of the Walking Dead and a fan of the History Channel, because his mask is going to be a feature some historical figures who want to eat your brain. Check it out:

Franny Drummond, who runs PaintZoo and is efforting the mask, says there may not only be one installment of it .

"Derek [Settlemyre, Flyers head equipment manager] said he changes them constantly," Drummond told NHL.com. "He's always changing gear, so you get a new lid and go."

This might be the scene at Wells Fargo Center soon: