If you thought that crazy scene in 'World War Z' where zombies start popping out of nowhere and eating people's faces was scary, you might not want to go to a Flyers game anytime soon.

The Zombie Apocalypse is actually coming to Philadelphia.

Flyers goalie Steve Mason seems to be a fan of the Walking Dead and a fan of the History Channel, because his mask is going to be a feature some historical figures who want to eat your brain. Check it out:

Franny Drummond, who runs PaintZoo and is efforting the mask, says there may not only be one installment of it .

"Derek [Settlemyre, Flyers head equipment manager] said he changes them constantly," Drummond told NHL.com. "He's always changing gear, so you get a new lid and go."

This might be the scene at Wells Fargo Center soon: