VANCOUVER - Young, old and every fan in between are packed onto one of Vancouver's main streets to watch the Canucks face off against the Boston Bruins in the first game of the Stanley Cup final.

In the hour before the puck dropped, hundreds of people, many garbed in the Canucks' blue and green jerseys and with their faces painted, jammed the street.

Thirty-seven-year-old Robert Flaherty is there with his four-year-old son, pushing a stroller the two had rigged into a carriage for a homemade Stanley Cup.

Flaherty says the excitement rivals that during the Olympics when thousands of people poured into the streets to celebrate.

Alvaro Lamontagne headed to the giant outdoor screen at the CBC building with a large, blow-up orca hanging off his back and a bear taped to its mouth.

He says he's sure the Canucks will win, but whatever happens, he's just happy his team has made it as far as the final.