MaxPreps has found a play that will make former Minnesota Vikings star defensive lineman Jim Marshall remember the most infamous moment of his career.

Over the weekend, there was a kickoff in a high school game.

The returner fumbled the ball into the hands of a defender, who took off ... in the wrong direction.

Proudly headed down the field no one caught up to him -- with good reason.

He made it all the way to the wrong end zone, costing his team a safety. To watch the play, click here.

Of course, the play evokes memories of Marshall's wrong-way run with the Vikings in 1964. Oct. 25, 1964, to be exact. Nearly 51 years ago to the day.

The great trivia question of the Marshall play is: Who threw the pass and who fumbled it? George Mira threw the pass, but the stumper comes in the receiver. Billy Kilmer, who went on to star at quarterback for the Washington Redskins, actually caught the ball and coughed it up.

Another famed wrong-way run was Roy Riegels of Cal in the 1929 Rose Bowl against Georgia Tech. Riegels picked up a Tech fumble and somehow was turned around and headed in the wrong direction.