World Cup 2014: Sorry, JLo And Pitbull, But Brazilians Have Their Own Anthem

In January, FIFA announced that the official anthem for the World Cup this summer will be “We Are One (Ole Ola),” a collaboration between Miami rapper, Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte.

The Brazilian anti-World Cup movement has beaten them to the punch.

Rio de Janeiro singer-songerwriter, Edu Krieger, recently released a tuneful condemnation of corruption and waste in Brazil’s push to host the Cup, “Desculpe, Neymar” (“Sorry, Neymar”), and now some people are taking it to be the unofficial World Cup anti-anthem.

In the song Krieger, whose father was a classical music composer, asks for forgiveness of the FC Barcelona and Brazilian national team star because he won’t be cheering for him this Cup.

The song claims that Brazil “won’t be the real champions” because, despite all the money raised to host the soccer tournament and the country’s “beautiful and monumental” new stadiums, “schools and hospitals are about to fall.”

On Tuesday, BuzzFeed posted the video of the song, and headlined it, "Beautiful Song Against the World Cup Goes Viral."

Not sure how the website defines going viral, but in various YouTube posts, the song has so far gotten about 70,000 views since first being uploaded on March 14. A pace that's not exactly breaking servers around the world.

By comparison, Pitbull's solo version of "We Are One" has been watched around 700,000 times on YouTube since the end of January.

Obviously, there's still time for "Desculpe, Neymar" to build up steam, and protests against World Cup spending by the government are expected to pick up between now and the opening match on June 12.

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