He's one of the most beloved mascots in sports, but not everyone is enamored by the Phillie Phanatic.

Suzanne Peirce, of Abington, Pa., has sued the furry green mascot for injuries in 2010, when the Phanatic allegedly picked up a lounge chair she was sitting in and tossed her in a hotel pool, myFOXphilly.com reported.

She claims she has suffered permanent severe injuries from the incident at The Golden Inn in Avalon, N.J.

The Phanatic was "engaging in various antics" during a comic routine by the pool when he picked her and the lounge up and threw her into the shallow end, according to the lawsuit.

Peirce claims she injured just about every part of her body, including suffering "severe and permanent injuries to her head, neck, back, body, arms and legs, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and tissues."

A Phillies spokesperson said the team did not believe the Phanatic engaged in wrongful conduct, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

It is unclear who was wearing the suit at the time, so Peirce is suing regular Phanatics Tom Burgoyne and Matt Mehler and any other unnamed individual who was working as the mascot at the time.

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