The Boston Celtics are unwillingly extending their West Coast trip.

After exploring options to get back to Boston or even somewhere close, Celtics coach Doc Rivers said the team was staying in Sacramento until Wednesday because of a winter storm cutting a frigid path through much of the nation. The Celtics finished up a 3-1 road trip with a 95-90 victory over the Kings on Tuesday night.

"It seems like we've had travel problems the whole trip. Now we can't get home," Rivers said. "I told them before the game, 'Focus on the game, and we'll worry about the other stuff later.'"

Rivers said before the game he was still thinking about flying at least part of the way back to Boston. But he said his team could use the rest, so they decided to fly back Wednesday when conditions were expected to improve.

"We would have preferred to go further East, just so we can get closer to our time zone," Rivers said. "At the end of the day, we just need rest. So I told them let's just stay."

The Celtics don't play again until Friday at home against the Dallas Mavericks. There were clear skies with temperatures reaching the 60s earlier in the day in Sacramento.

Rivers wouldn't divulge what cities the team was considering flying to if it didn't stay in Sacramento. One reporter suggested the team should go to Las Vegas because it's closer.

"That was never an option," Rivers said, laughing. "I can guarantee you that."