Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere will not return this season and will miss the Euro 2012 finals for England, club coach Arsene Wenger has confirmed.

"Jack Wilshere will not play again this season and will not go to the European Championships. That is for sure," Wenger said.

The 20-year-old Wilshere suffered an ankle injury last summer playing for the Three Lions, and later aggravated the injury. He had surgery, but recovery has been slow and he has not been able to play for the Gunners this season.

"He is not ready to practice. His ankle is fine and he makes progress, but it is slow progress. We had a chat about that this week," Wenger said.

"His progress is not quick enough to go to the Euros. Jack is devastated. What kept him going was that he felt, even if he could not play with us, he had a good chance of going to Euro 2012. That is over now."

Wenger also hoped Wilshere would be left off the Great Britain Olympic team.

"The Olympics would be the worst idea for him," Wenger said. "When a guy has not played for year, he needs a good and slow preparation to start the season. Once he is fit he can think about the national team.

"It is not that I don't want him to go to the Olympics. It is just that he has other priorities than that."