Will Washington's 15th man offer anything this season?

Garrett Temple may not play much, but he better be ready when he does. Geoff Burke USA Today

Barring any unforeseen injuries or trades, the Washington Wizards already know what their opening night roster looks like. And the last man standing is Garrett Temple, the lowest-paid player on the team.

Temple is a solid fourth guard with tremendous size and a solid NBA pedigree. He's played for six teams in five seasons, but has been with Washington since the lockout.

Here's The Washington Post with a closer look at what the Wizards can expect from Temple this season, and why he needs to stay ready even if he's not in the rotation:

Temple started 18 games last year, and averaged 3.9 points per 14.1 minutes in his 52 total appearances. If he can knock down open shots, handle the ball and play some defense, the Wizards will get more from their final roster spot than most teams can dream about.