Wife of NHL great Brian Leetch, sister back in court in bar brawl case

A four-month-old dispute about a $33 bar tab -- and the alleged resulting brawl -- continued this week to play out in the New York City courts for the wife of NHL great Brian Leetch and the woman's sister.

Mary Beth Leetch, 49, and Tracy Murphy, 44, are charged with attacking three Brandy’s Piano employees during a May altercation that began after Leetch and Murphy refused to pay their tab, the New York Post reported.

Prosecutors filed additional paperwork and the case was adjourned so the defendants' lawyers could file motions, according to the New York Daily News. Prosecutors appeared to still be interviewing potential witnesses to the incident.

“Hopefully when they hear both sides of the story we’ll be in good shape and we’ll get a disposition we can live with,” Murphy’s lawyer, Arthur Aidala, told the New York Daily News.

The brawl occurred May 12 when Leetch, Murphy and a third woman were asked to leave the bar, the New York Post reported. After being ejected, the group reportedly refused to pay a $33 bar tab.

When bartender Greg Goodbrod and waitress Maria Gentile attempted to usher the trio out of the bar, a clash ensued, the New York Post reported.

Goodbrod, who, with Gentile, complained of being injured in the fracas, filed a lawsuit against Leetch and Murphy, according to the New York Daily News.

Aidala said the women were also injured in the brawl.

“Both of them have bruises, scratches, lacerations, and the exact same type of injuries that the complaining victims have,” he told the New York Daily News.

Joseph Mure, Leetch’s attorney, said he was asking the district attorney’s office to investigate.

Leetch and Murphy were charged with assault, attempted assault, criminal mischief and harassment. It’s unclear whether the third woman faced any charges.