If you didn't know any better, you'd think a sports editor at one of the New York newspapers was in control of the 2012 sports year. Consider this:

The Giants and Jets played in a "winner goes to the playoffs; loser goes home" game on Christmas Eve. The Giants won, dominated headlines through January, and took home their second Lombardi Trophy in five years on Feb. 5.

Before the parade confetti was even picked up from the Canyon of Heroes, "Linsanity" took hold of the Big Apple. For three weeks, the Knicks' Jeremy Lin was the most famous guy in all of Manhattan, if not the entire country. But just as interest in the undrafted point guard out of Harvard started to fade from public consciousness, the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.

I'd say the Internet broke with the news of that one last week, but it'd already broken 10 times so far this year.

Though Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are sure to find their ways on to the New York Post's back page in the coming months, it's all about Tebow and Lin for now. Tebow's expected to serve as Mark Sanchez's backup and run six or more plays out of the Wildcat package each game. And yet the Jets hosted a press conference at their facilities Monday afternoon to announce his arrival.

Tebow or Lin? Lin or Tebow?

How do New York's two newest sports media obsessions match up against each other? Let's break it down.

LIN VS. TEBOW fsMedia.launchInlineFlash(".fs-table"); CATEGORY JEREMY LIN TIM TEBOW THE EDGE National craze nickname Linsanity Tebowmania Lin Athletic achievements in college All-Ivy League first team in 2010; beat 17th-ranked Boston College in 2009 Heisman Trophy winner; two-time BCS national champ Tebow Coolest offseason story Played in Las Vegas Summer League in 2010, averaging 9.8 ppg Was motivational speaker for inmates serving life in prison Tebow Oddly personal item being sold on eBay Signed 7th-grade yearbook Game-worn pants Lin Most unique custom-made T-shirt Jeremy Lin/Spike Lee Mars Blackmon "Bal-Lin" "Property of the Meadowlands: No. 15--MESSIAH" Lin New digs Trump Tower Suburbs in New Jersey Lin Previously backed up... Toney Douglas Kyle Orton Tebow Linked in gossip pages with ... Kim Kardashian Katy Perry Tebow Teammate he says he's friendly with Landry Fields Mark Sanchez Lin Mentioned in a rap song by... Mega Ran Rick Ross Tebow Magazine cover shoot Sports Illustrated GQ Tebow Biggest celebrity fan Spike Lee Pat Robertson Lin Recently slept on... his brother's couch in a 600-square-foot NYC apartment a private plane to Florham Park, N.J. Lin Master of... The high-screen-and-roll Game-winning comebacks Tebow Inked a book deal after... 9 career starts first NFL season Lin Celebrates a big score by... acting out the reading of a book and bumping chests with Landry Fields "Tebowing" Tebow Emerged on the scene when... he scored 38 vs. Kobe Bryant and the Lakers on national TV he threw a funky jump-pass against LSU during his freshman year at Florida Lin Older brother is... a dental student at NYU his personal manager Lin Famous alumni from his college John Adams, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Conan O'Brien Erin Andrews, Teddy Dupay, Andrew DeClerq, Steve Spurrier Lin Has been publicly doubted by... Everybody Everybody, including Todd McShay Tebow Has made everyone forget about... Baron Davis Drew Stanton Lin Let go by last team because... The Rockets needed to make room for Samuel Dalembert's contract The Broncos signed the greatest quarterback of all time Tebow Team owner is... a guitar-playing cable television magnate a green tie-wearing heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune Tebow Purists' criticism of skills Can't defend faster point guards Can't throw a football Tebow Most borderline offensive New York Post headline thus far "Amasian!" "God Him!" Lin Facial Hair None Early 2000's Limp Bizkit chin strap beard Lin .fs-table { float: right; width: 100%; /*width: 100%;*/ background-color: #ffffff; border-top: 1px solid #bac0c4; } .fs-table h2 { /*background-color: yellow;*/ } .fs-table .fs-accent { width: 100%; /*width:100%;*/ /*background-color: orange;*/ } .fs-table table th { background-color: #dedede; /*background-color: #ffffff;*/ } THE FINAL TALLY: JEREMY LIN 14 , TIM TEBOW 12

Though Tebow will dominate New York Post and Daily News headlines for the next few weeks, Jeremy Lin still has a slight edge in the battle for the "Somewhat Kinda Maybe King of New York" crown.

In other news, the Super Bowl champion Giants re-signed David Carr, their backup quarterback, on Thursday.

For whatever reason, there was no press conference.