White lightning: Drivers will fly on Sunday at Dover

This weekend, we are at The Monster Mile in Dover, Del. Because it is one full concrete mile, some folks like to call it Bristol on steroids. I think the No. 1 reason this place is so tough is the speed at this joint.

We run Bristol, which is a half-mile concrete track, in 14 seconds a lap. So naturally if you are at a one-mile concrete track, common sense says you should run one lap in 28 seconds. Guess what -- they don't. They run a whole lot faster than that. I mean, a whole lot faster than that.

It's just mind-boggling how fast they turn laps there. Even more amazing than the speed is the skill of our drivers to manhandle their cars around there at those speeds. Sunday night at Charlotte we witnessed one of the fastest 600-mile races ever run. Here at Dover on Sunday I promise you we will see one of the fastest 400-mile races ever run.

If you can't join us in the stands Sunday, then please be sure to tune into our NASCAR on FOX broadcast because these cars are going to be turning a lot of heads. Things are going to happen there so quickly that you are going to think you are watching Daytona or Talladega.

If one driver has any kind of hiccup or something breaks on his car, you are going to see the infamous Daytona/Talladega-style "Big One" on a 1-mile racetrack.

With the speed these cars are going to produce Sunday on that surface, in a blink of an eye your day can be ruined by no fault of your own. These speeds are going to create that kind of result and, trust me, when it does, it's going to be spectacular.