Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pulled off the same miracle twice this season, completing a Hail Mary against both the Arizona Cardinals and the Detroit Lions.

Here are the breathtaking plays side by side.

Via the NFL's official Twitter account:

The Hail Mary against the Cardinals (left) was on the final play of the Divisional round playoff game on Saturday. Receiver Jeff Janis leapt over two Arizona defenders, including All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson, to complete the 41-yard play. Kicker Mason Crosby's extra point tied the game at 20 points, forcing overtime. The Packers would go on to lose the game, 26-20, in overtime.

The Hail Mary against the Lions (right) was the final play of a Week 13 matchup. The 61-yard completion to tight end Richard Rodgers was twenty yards longer than Saturday's throw. Rodgers had to scramble longer -- and set up the un-timed down by drawing a facemask call the play before. This one delivered Green Bay a 27-23 victory, spurring a three-game winning streak during their tough second half of the season.

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