Mark Webber signed a new one-year contract with Red Bull Racing on Tuesday.

Webber, who won Sunday's British Grand Prix, sits second in the championship standings behind Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

"I've been with Red Bull Racing since 2007 and have achieved nine grand prix wins during that time," Webber said. "I'm high on confidence at the moment and firing on all cylinders."

The Australian decided to stay with Red Bull for another year despite talks with Ferrari.

"I know the team well and I'm very comfortable here; we have grown together over the years and it feels like absolutely the right thing to stay with Red Bull for another season," Webber added. "The team is constantly working hard to improve in all areas and we've shown that together we can win races. It's great to be able to make this announcement off the back of the win in Silverstone at the weekend and I'm looking forward to competing on the edge and pushing myself in every race again next season."

Sebastian Vettel is already contracted to Red Bull Racing.