Ever wondered what it'd like to walk in the shoes of a high-level college football player?

The Gamecocks Football production team put together a behind-the-scenes look of the daily musings of a South Carolina football player. Linebacker T.J. Holloman demonstrated exactly what the typical day would consist of.

Once class finishes in the morning, Holloman and the Gamecocks transition to the world of football -- where the offseason workouts consist of weight training, meetings with position coaches, and treatment if need be.

Once football-related activities are concluded, a late meal will be followed by study hall. One can see how the university has truly helped to provide the football program with anything it needs. A state-of-the-art weight room is complemented by a movie theatre-style entertainment center.

Suffice it to say, but South Carolina surely is an attractive place for potential recruits to check out.