Watch this goalkeeper get scored on by falling victim to the old 'hidden striker' trick

When will goalkeepers learn? Seriously, when will they learn?

Ottawa Fury were up 1-0 on FC Edmonton in the Canadian Championship when goalkeeper Callum Irving decided to make things a little bit interesting for his team:

It's the OLDEST trick in the striker handbook. Hang out, wait until the unsuspecting keeper rolls the ball out, and voila. Easy goal.

It's so simple to execute, and it's even easier to prevent. All it takes is a little look over the shoulder, just a quick confirmation that "hey, there's not a guy waiting to make me look stupid back there. Clear for takeoff."

But no. It seems that in the year of our lord two thousand and seventeen, this is still happening. Luckily for Ottawa, they got two more goals, winning 3-2 on the day, so everything worked out. This just serves as a lesson for all the young goalkeepers out there.

Just have a look. That's all it takes. Just one look over the shoulder. Don't end up on a blooper reel.

Have a look.


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