Watch the Patriots Super Bowl parade from the players' perspective

Let's face it, there's a very, very small chance any of us Average Joes and Janes will ever get to experience what it's like to win a championship as an athlete at the highest level. Instead, we pack the streets when our favorite teams and athletes earn hardware and then parade them through the city.

Sometimes, though, some of those athletes are generous enough to provide a glimpse of the glory through their own eyes. A significant number of Patriots players made sure to give fans a first-hand look at Tuesday's parade in Boston as they celebrated winning Super Bowl LI.

Here's a pretty great compilation of those point-of-view videos from atop the Duckboats and the stage in the middle of the city.

It's safe to say it feels a little different seeing it through the players' eyes than on TV or from the sidewalk. Unfortunately, getting to share a view of the experience through a player's camera lens doesn't mean we get to take home a ring.