In order to have some fake fighting fun in the music video for her "Bad Blood" single, Taylor Swift first had to spend some time working on her moves. As you can see in the video above, this time her training had more to do with back hands, elbows and knees than guitar picking or dancing.

Watch Swift dispatch stunt man after stunt man with her six-strike combo. First, she misses with some punches, but then does a good job of trapping the counter strike.

From there, she works some reverse strikes from the clinch, ending with a knee. Well, that's probably supposed to be a knee ... maybe it's a knee into a sweep.

Honestly, who knows? The camera and angles do most of the heavy lifting with these types of things, we guess. But the final cut looks pretty cool, as you can see below.

Good on Taylor for mixing it up and having some fun. Maybe she'll join fellow crooner Mandy Moore at a future UFC event to learn some more moves from the pros.