Watch Steph Curry reveal how hard it is to be a pro in latest commerical

Being a professional athlete is hard work. From early morning practices and workouts, to strict diets and sleep schedules, to countless hours spent traveling and away from friends and family -- not to mention all the prior sacrifices just to make it to a professional level -- it's an incomprehensible challenge.

But Steph Curry, much like everything else he does, makes it look easy.

In his latest Kids Foot Locker commercial, two youngsters call out Curry for watching TV all day and drinking a milkshake while lounging, when in fact Curry is watching game film and drinking a protein recovery shake.

Also, Curry's deadpan is beginning to challenge Blake Griffin's. See for yourself:

The hot tub after the a relaxing film session is a little harder to justify, but with all the work it's taken the Warriors to get to 23-0, Curry deserves it.

(h/t Uproxx)