WATCH: Rob Gronkowski dumbfounded after amazing football magic trick

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski can almost always be found with a smile on his face. The only time you may not see him smiling is if he's left completely baffled by an amazing magic trick.

Magician Mat Franco, winner of "America's Got Talent," met up with Gronkowski to show him a little magic trick of his involving a football, a towel, and Gronk's cell phone.

It's a mind-blowing trick and how it's done only Franco knows, but Gronkowski's reaction may be even better than the trick itself.

Gronk clearly has no idea how Franco pulled that off, and rightfully so. There's simply no explanation for how it was done. It's kind of like coaches trying to tell players how to cover Gronkowski -- it's nearly impossible.

(h/t YouTube)