Paul Goldschmidt had a resounding message for those who took note of his recent home run drought on Wednesday.

Goldschmidt, who hit two home runs on Saturday to quiet the hoopla highlighting his home run drought for nearly a month, hammered down the nail in the coffin on such chatter on Wednesday with an awe-inspiring blast.

In his first at-bat against Cardinals pitcher John Lackey in the bottom of the first of the Diamondbacks' 3-1 loss Wednesday, Goldschmidt utterly destroyed Lackey's 92-mph fastball on an 0-1 count for a monster solo shot.

The home run, which traveled an estimated 471 feet according to MLB's Statcast technology, bounced off a rafter far back in the left-center stands.

"I haven't seen a ball hit there at all," catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia said. "That ball was cleanly hit and it just kept going and going."

According to Statcast, the ball left Goldschmidt's bat at an exit velocity of 111 mph.

"I was just looking for something I could hit, just kind of reaction," Goldschmidt recounted. "He mixes it up. I mean there's not any real pattern. They mix it up, [catcher] Yadi [Molina] does a good job back there, so just looking for something over the plate and it was kind of up and in and fortunately I was able to get the barrel there."

When watching the video, keep in mind that Chase Field is not on some other planet with zero-gravity.

It is indeed Earth.

(h/t MLB.com)