Watch out! A 3D look at Keselowski's collision with crewmen

One of the scariest moments of Sunday's unusually quirky showdown at Pocono Raceway occurred when Brad Keselowski locked up the brakes and slid through his pit stall just as crew members jumped off the pit wall to attend to his car.

The front tire-changer on the No. 2 Team Penske Ford jumped over the right-front corner of Keselowski's machine, while the tire carrier jumped onto the hood, losing the tire in the process.

Jackman Braxton Brannon got the worst of it, as he jumped to avoid the car, but was clipped by the car's left side. Brannon was turned in the air, landing hard on his back as the jack went flying and narrowly missed landing on top of him.

Thankfully, none of the crew members involved were injured in the incident.

Now, thanks to the power of the GIF, you can watch the entire sequence of events in 3D from Keselowski's perspective inside the car. You just might want to hold your breath before taking this in.