It's not unusual for music acts to roll into town and play to the sports leanings of said town's fanbase, but give Harry Styles a little more credit than that.

The One Direction singer is a real Green Bay Packers fan -- more on that here -- and even has a Packers tattoo just above his left elbow, so it's no surprise he talked the talk when 1D played Milwaukee's Miller Park on Tuesday night.

Donning a cheesehead and draped in a Packers flag in front of throngs begging him for a call-out, the Brit didn't disappoint, saying: "You don't know how good it is to be around people who understand what a good football team is."

And then (at 1:07 in the fan video below) there was a moment of silence for star Packers wideout Jordy Nelson, who suffered a season-ending knee injury in Sunday's preseason game against the Steelers. (Harry knows there's no better way to bond with a crowd than to embrace the struggle of a mourning fanbase.)

And finally …

"Make some noise if you love Aaron Rodgers!"

Followed by:

"Just the best football team in the world now, the Green Bay Packers."

Thank you, Milwaukee!