Watch Kris Bryant prank this college team by posing as a European transfer

Kris Bryant has only one year of MLB experience under his belt, and it wasn't even a full season, at that. Despite already being an All-Star and Rookie of the Year winner, Bryant isn't a completely recognizable player along the lines of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper.

That's probably because he's only 24 years old and still looks like a college kid. Well, Bryant used his young age to his advantage to prank an unsuspecting community college baseball team in Arizona, posing as a European transfer.

Before Bryant arrived, Mesa Community College coach Anthony Cirelli warned his players about the supposed transfer's hitting ability -- and his ridiculous size.

"He's a big donkey. He's got crazy power," Cirelli said. "He can help us ... Guys that are pitching, you're going to lose some innings. Guys that are hitting, you're going to lose A-B's. But if he gets us over the hump and we get to Oklahoma and we win another ring, no one's going to be complaining."

And then Bryant showed up to practice as Roy Nabryt -- or Rookie of the Year and "Bryant" scrambled -- and began mashing hit after hit. Just about every jaw dropped, and understandably so. After watching Bryant rake in the cage for a bit, the Mesa players finally began to figure out who he was.