Jelle van Damme joined the LA Galaxy before the 2016 season, and it only took him a few weeks to make it clear that he was one of the best defenders in MLS. He became theGalaxy's rock at the back, and when he showed up in 2017 for his second year with the team, he did so with a new responsibility -- captain.

It only took van Damme a year to become such a part of the fabric of the Galaxy, and a man the rest of the team looked to, that he was handed the captain's armband. But it's not just the team that loves van Damme. The Belgian loves the team and, especially, the city of Los Angeles.

It just so happens that van Damme loves tattoos, so with his love for his new city pretty well ingrained, it's no wonder he wanted a tattoo to represent that love. And so he got one, inking the infamous Dodgers interlocking L and A onto his thigh.

Jelle van Damme and LA, a perfect fit.


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