Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry has a knack for making eye-popping plays -- much like his college teammate Odell Beckham Jr.

He may not have a ridiculous one-handed catch on his resume like Beckham Jr. does, but he's proven to be quite the human highlight reel.

His latest "wow-moment" play came during a joint practice against the Carolina Panthers. It wasn't a catch, though -- it was what he did after the catch that was impressive.

Take a look:

It's not often you see a guy go behind the back to elude two defenders, but that's what Landry did. And to make it even better, he set the slow-mo video to Drake's "6 Man."

Earlier in training camp, Landry was also featured in a ridiculous video of himself catching passes from the jug machine with just one hand.

(h/t Instagram)