The New York Jets brought in big name players this offseason via trade and free agency. Two of the biggest names were Darrelle Revis and Brandon Marshall, who should pay big dividends come the regular season.

But first, the two are going head-to-head in practice, battling it out as the No. 1 players at their respective positions. Unsurprisingly, seeing these two guys go back and forth is well worth the price of admission -- even if that price is free.

After watching the tape, it appears as though Revis got the better of Marshall. Although when you think about it deeper, Revis essentially has the not-so-accurate Geno Smith on his side. Smith's throws didn't exactly help Marshall's case, but the wideout still made a few nice plays on Revis Island.

Maybe training camp will make Marshall regret his recent shots taken at Jay Cutler. Most would say they'd take Cutler over Smith, and Marshall could realize that soon.