Watch Chelsea players go nuts celebrating their Premier League title

The English Premier League has a new champion. It's not as if anyone other than Chelsea were expected to come out on top, but the inevitability of it all sure didn't dampen the excitement of the team or its supporters, who all celebrated Friday's win like crazy.

While a lot of people made Chelsea's title run possible, the trophy is arguably manager Antonio Conte's, as he masterminded Chelsea's tactical identity that made them the best in the league. The fans knew it too, singing his name after the whistle while players through the Italian coach into the air:

As fun as it is to see the players dance for their supporters as they sing in near-perfect unison, the best part might be Conte, in his dapper suit and tie, joining in the silly jubilation:

The celebrations for Conte continued as the team moved into the locker room and they doused him in all the water and champagne they could. He doesn't miss a beat, and starts clapping and singing:

We have a feeling that the partying has only just started for Chelsea players, who seem to be thoroughly enjoying that winning feeling:

Love 'em or hate 'em, Chelsea were the class of the Premier League this season and they've got the trophy to prove it now.


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