Want to play goalie for the LA Kings? Now's your chance!

If you've ever had a dream of playing goalie for the Los Angeles Kings, you should probablly read past this sentence.

The team will be holding open goaltending tryouts on Sept. 27 at Toyota Sports Center.

The purpose?

To find 'qualified amateur goaltending candidates to provide emergency goaltending duties at all 2017-18 home games', according to a release from the Kings on Thursday.

Qualified candidates must have played a high level of amateur hockey, but (important!!) must NOT have signed a contract to play in a professional league.

"The NHL requires each home team to have an emergency goalie in the stands for every game and we thought this would be a good opportunity to see who in our area is best qualified for the job," said Kings President Luc Robitaille. "It will be interesting, that is for sure."

The event will happen on Sept. 27 from 1:15-3:45p in El Segundo.

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