Those whippersnapper football players just have to learn to stop Twittering at Wade Phillips.

Phillips, the defensive coordinator of the Super Bowl-bound Denver Broncos, made his plea for players to just stop bugging him.

Via Tom Pelissero of USA Today Sports:

This all, of course, stems from desperate free agent-turned Bronco Shiloh Keo, who famously tweeted at Wade Phillips pleading for a chance at a roster spot.

About a week later, Denver signed Keo, and the 28-year-old safety has recorded six tackles and an interception in his five games as a Bronco.

That has inspired several players to tweet at @sonofbum. But guys, just stop. Son of Bum (Wade's father is former NFL coach Bum Phillips. Wade isn't the son of a literal bum) is not going to give you a roster spot.

But if you aren't a free agent football player looking to harass a current defensive coordinator, you should give @sonofbum a follow. His Twitter feed is pure gold.

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