Vonn Bakes Banana Bread Before Today's Downhill

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So, what do you do the day before the biggest race of your career?

If you’re Lindsey Vonn, you bake banana bread and shave your little brother’s head.

You know, things any family might do while on vacation together, except that this is the Olympics. And this is Lindsey Vonn.

“We shaved my head. Relaxed,” said Reed, Vonn’s 18-year-old brother at the Red Bull House party held in Vonn’s honor last night, on the eve of today’s downhill race.

“We try not to have her think about anything. Just have a calm, fun day. We decided to shave Reed’s head. That took awhile. Had lunch.  Just hung out,” Vonn’s 21-year-old sister Karin explained.

While the Vonntourage gathered to toast the downhill favorite, Vonn and her husband Thomas lay low at an undisclosed location. Mingling with her family—aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins—one got the sense that these people are remarkably normal. Nice, even. Regular ol’ Midwesterners at a family gathering. Except there was no cheese curds or bean dip. Instead, garlic shrimp, brie, and Red Bull galore. Oh, and an Olympic medal on the line.

Rather than envy their big sister, her siblings are just plain proud of her. “We’re really excited for her. And, she’s just our big sister. We’re proud more than anything. I’ve never felt jealous of her. She’s just a normal older sister. It’s hard to believe that she’s famous now. It’s just Lindsey,” Karin said.

“I get all her free stuff from her. It’s more the perks and being proud of her than anything,” Reed added.

How was the most famous skier in the world feeling the day before the biggest race of her life? “She’s doing good. Relaxed,” Reed said.

As for that banana bread, it sounds pretty darn good.

“Lindsey’s got this amazing banana bread recipe.  It’s five brown bananas, whole wheat flour. Applesauce instead of butter. You add vanilla. And it’s so moist.  So delicious,” Vonn’s mom explained.

Lindsey's just an all-American girl. It’s no joke.

Let’s hope that the banana bread and her brother’s shaved head launch Lindsey to the podium at today’s downhill.