Victor Garcia: The Tragedy Of Jose Canseco

Reports are surfacing that the 1988 MLB American league MVP Jose Canseco, 47, will not play in the Mexican Leagues this season because he admitted to doping and using testosterone.

Canseco, author of the book "Juiced" a documentation of his steroid use and his friends in baseball who also used them, has been floating in the D list celebrity circles for years since his time in baseball ended.

Whether it was talking about a run in mixed martial arts, playing on some independent minor league baseball team and celebrity boxing, Canseco still craves the attention the spot light.

Whether it’s getting cast on "The Surreal Life" reality show or writing a book to capitalize on the shame of you and your friends, Canseco continues to sink lower and lower so that he can continue to squeeze a buck out of some gullible businessman looking for attention.

There is no action too low for Canseco.

He’ll send his twin brother to stand in his place if he decides the money they paid him to fight Frank Stallone or whatever bottom dwelling celeb also needs a buck, is too low to actually warrant his participation.

Gone are the trophies he won during his time in professional baseball, gone are the mementos that highlighted what should have been the best years of his professional life, even though they were earned with performance enhancing drugs.

They’ve been sold.

His championship rings, auctioned to the highest bidder probably someone who could have only hoped to have been in the position Canseco was in and who appreciates what they represent more than the Cuban-American could.

Jose Canseco sold his career, his friends and his legacy out for money which he couldn’t even hold on to.  He is probably responsible for the most shameful era of professional sports and has lost all credibility with baseball fans and the media.

All that’s left for Jose Canseco is a bulked up spotlight craving ego maniac who thinks publicity stunts will help him fuel his lavish lifestyle and boost him closer to A-list where he thinks he belongs.

Truth is… Canseco is pathetic and represents everything that was wrong with the steroid-era in baseball and with the reality show celeb culture we live with today.

It's sad.

If I don’t see another story about Jose Canseco again I’ll be a better person for it.

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