'Vertseeg' has name misspelled on Cup

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The Chicago Blackhawks officially have their names on the Stanley Cup as the 2009-10 champions. There's just one problem: a typo.

The team's list of players on the Cup included Kris "Vertseeg" -- the Cup's engraver apparently switching the "s" and "t" in Kris Versteeg's last name.

"I may never be one of the biggest names in the game but now it'll go down in history as one of the misspells on the Stanley Cup so I'll take it," Versteeg told the Toronto Star . "It's just a perfect example of my life. Just something crazy and quirky that's always happening to me."

In fact, the former Blackhawk, who was traded to Toronto in the offseason, told the paper his brother predicted the mistake would happen.

"We were all sitting as a family around the Stanley Cup in the living room looking at all the misspelled names. My brother was like, 'I guarantee they spell our name wrong,'" he said.

The NHL has since corrected the mistake and sent a picture of the change to Versteeg.

"I think they just kind of punched (the correct letters) over it, you can tell," he told the Toronto Star .

As per tradition, each player who wins the Cup gets their name engraved on it, but mistakes do happen. In fact, this isn't the first misspelled name on the Cup.

In 1996, Colorado Avalanche player Adam Deadmarsh's last name was spelled incorrectly -- and later fixed. Player names were also misspelled in 2002 to Detroit Red Wing Manny Legace and 2006 to Carolina Hurricane Eric Staal.

And it's not just players who have had problems with the engravers. The Cup was awarded to the New York "Ilanders" in 1981, the "Bqstqn" Bruins in 1972 and the Toronto Maple "Leaes" in 1963 -- if the Cup is to be believed.