Here's a viewer's guide to what you need to know about the referees and their crews who are calling today's games on FOX. The early games are highlighted by the surprising New York Jets playing host to the Washington Redskins, while the one late game features the undefeated Carolina Panthers traveling to Seattle to take on the Seahawks and their "12th man."

WASHINGTON (2-3) AT NY JETS (3-1), 1 pm ET

THE CREW: Pete Morelli is the referee and his crew was involved in the loss of 18 seconds on a kickoff in the Pittsburgh-San Diego game on Monday night. As a result of that, side judge Rob Vernatchi was suspended for a game with pay for not managing the game clock. With the big uptick in the number of offensive pass interference calls, Morelli's crew is one of three crews that has not called one yet.

REDSKINS NOTES: The Redskins are averaging 8.0 accepted penalties per game, which ranks them in the bottom half of the league. The Redskins have not missed an extra point so far this season. They've also gone for two twice and been successful once. Coach Jay Gruden has not challenged in the Redskins' first five games.

JETS NOTES: The Jets are also averaging 8.0 accepted penalties but have been called for the fewest offensive holding calls in the NFL. They have been called for only four, while the Bears lead the NFL calls with 15. The Jets have not missed an extra-point kick attempt and they have not made any two-point attempts so far. Coach Todd Bowles has yet to win a challenge this year, losing on all three attempts.

ARIZONA (5-1) AT PITTSBURGH (3-2), 1 pm ET

THE CREW: Ed Hochuli is the referee and no real trends have emerged with his crew so far in this young season.

CARDINALS NOTES: Arizona is the second-least penalized team in the league, averaging just 5.8 accepted penalties per game this season. Arizona has missed on only one extra-point kick attempt in 24 tries and has not attempted a two-point conversion so far this season. Coach Bruce Arians has challenged three times and won one.

STEELERS NOTES: Pittsburgh has also been good in the penalty department. The Steelers are the fourth-least penalized team, averaging 6.2 accepted penalties per game. The Steelers are 9-for-10 in extra-point kick attempts and are 2-for-4 in two-point attempts. Coach Mike Tomlin has attempted two challenges and lost both.

CHICAGO (2-3) AT DETROIT (0-5), 1 pm ET

THE CREW: Walt Coleman is the referee and the most senior official in the league. Coleman's crew has called the least amount of penalties per game so far this season. They are averaging 15.25 fouls per game. They have called the most defensive pass interferences, but on the flip side have called the fewest offensive holding penalties.

BEARS NOTES: Chicago ranks 18th in accepted penalties, averaging 7.8 per game. The Bears have missed one extra point in six kick attempts and have not converted on either of their two-point attempts. Coach John Fox has challenged four times and won once.

LIONS NOTES: Detroit is the fifth-least penalized team in the league, averaging just 6.4 accepted penalties per game. The Lions are 8-for-9 on extra-point kick attempts and have not been successful on either of their two-point tries. Coach Jim Caldwell has challenged three times and won all three.

CAROLINA (4-0) AT SEATTLE (2-3), 4:05 PM ET

THE CREW: Terry McAulay is the referee and his crew has called the second-most offensive holding penalties in the NFL.

PANTHERS NOTES: The Panthers are in the top 10 of least penalized teams so far, averaging 7.0 accepted penalties. Carolina has not missed an extra point. Riverboat Ron Rivera has challenged five times, but won only two.

SEAHAWKS NOTES: The Seahawks are one of the least penalized teams in the league, ranking sixth in accepted penalties, with only 6.6 per game. Seattle has not missed an extra-point kick attempt and is 1-for-2 on two-point tries. Coach Pete Carroll has challenged three times and won twice.