An unnamed NFL player files lawsuit against United Airlines over sexual assault, harassment claim

An unnamed NFL player has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines claiming that the company failed to properly react to his reporting of sexual assault and harassment during a flight from Los Angeles to Newark, N.J., on Feb. 10.

According to a report by Bleacher Report on Wednesday, the player is listed as John Doe 1 in the complaint, and he filed the lawsuit in coordination with another male passenger was named John Doe 2. They said that four complaints were made against a female passenger sitting in their row for “unwanted sexual advances” before flight attendants moved her somewhere else.

The report also stated that the female passenger was intoxicated and was taking prescription pills. The player said that the woman wasn’t moved until she ripped off his face mask, which was worn to protect him against the coronavirus, and grabbed his penis.


The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of California of the County of Los Angeles and a jury trial was requested.

United Airlines told Fox News in a statement:

"The safety and well-being of our customers is always our top priority. In this instance, the customer involved was moved to a different seat. Because litigation is now pending, we’re unable to provide further comment."