A female UFC fighter is dealing with serious eye damage after she suffered a freak injury during her Saturday bout.

Cat Zingano, who was dodging a kick when she was hit in her right eye but her opponent's toe, said she has a damaged iris and retina, a hemorrhage in the back of her eye, increased globe pressure and a laceration, ESPN reported. Doctors are also reportedly monitoring her to make sure her retina doesn't detach.

“Right now, they have to keep it dilated and on steroids for the next two weeks to keep the pressure down," she said.

Zingano was in a UFC 232 featherweight bout against Megan Anderson when the injury occurred. The match was stopped so Zingano could get medical attention and Anderson was awarded the win via technical knockout, according to Yahoo Sports.


Zingano was initially treated for an eyelid laceration, only later discovering the extent of the damage.

Zingano said she’s considering appealing the loss, and Anderson said she would consider a rematch against Zingano if Zingano wanted one.

“A win is a win. Not how we wanted it to go but we're just doing our job,” Anderson wrote in an Instagram message. “All well wishes to Cat and hope she is ok. Like I said post fight, more than happy to give it to her again if that's what she wants.”