UEFA charged the German soccer association on Tuesday for the "improper conduct" of its fans at a European Championship match against Denmark.

Also UEFA fined Croatia's soccer association $101,000 after fans racially abused Italy forward Mario Balotelli at a European Championship match with monkey chants and setting off fireworks.

Croatia's case was the first formal racism charge prosecuted by UEFA at Euro 2012.

Germany fans displayed "inappropriate banners and symbols" and were responsible for "inappropriate chanting," the European soccer governing body said in a statement. Fans also set off fireworks at Sunday's match in Lviv, Ukraine.

German fans have prompted UEFA charges after all three of the team's matches at Euro 2012.

Portugal players were pelted with crumpled paper balls during a match in Lviv and UEFA fined the German association $12,550.

Against the Netherlands, UEFA opened a case for fans setting off fireworks and throwing more paper balls. UEFA has not yet made a ruling.