The Minnesota Twins didn't really do much at the recently concluded Winter Meetings, save for a pair of minor-league deals. They signed Korean slugger Byung Ho Park before the Meetings convened in Nashville, and weren't able to make any headway on their stated plans of obtaining bullpen help during the event.

Despite all this, GM Terry Ryan didn't seem disappointed in his club's lack of activity in recent weeks. As he told MLB.com's Rhett Bollinger, the Winter Meetings were 'odd' but he expects that the experience will help shape the rest of the team's offseason:

He also stated a desire to make some moves before December ends, just for clarity's sake:

There is still plenty of time left before spring training and the 2016 season, and a team's lack of moves during the Winter Meetings doesn't necessarily mean it won't make any significant improvements in the future.

With that said, Ryan and the Twins should have every opportunity to make their desired upgrades should attractive deals or free agent situations materialize.