Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys End Contract Extension Talks Until Off-Season

The conversation of contract extensions may have come to a halt between quarterback Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys, but that doesn’t mean his future fate with the team is in jeopardy.

While the Cowboys have ceased talks of a preliminary contract extension with the well-known quarterback, a source is reporting to ESPN that this is not a sign of bad blood between the two.

Instead, Romo’s agent, R.J. Gonser, said that the organization is looking to discuss the matter in the off-season as to not make contract talks a distraction for the players.

The quarterback, whose fame can be likened to his work on the field and his romantic endeavors off it, still has two years remaining on his current contract.

Back in 2007 Romo signed his initial six-year extension with the Cowboys worth $67.4 million, with $30 million guaranteed. Since then the contract has been amended several times for salary cap reasons.

With a base salary of $825,000 a season, Romo is scheduled to make $11.5 million in 2013.

The Cowboys are looking to sign Romo to an extension to help lower his salary cap number for next year.

As his contract currently stands, Romo will count a team-high $16.8 million against the cap in 2013.

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