On Saturday, we visited a horse in the men's modern pentathlon who had no respect for history. Sunday brings with it the finals of the women's modern pentathlon and another full set of individuals who have to swim, run, shoot, fence and ride an unfamiliar horse. Hey, how's that "unfamiliar horse" thing working out for you?

(via @bubbaprog)

Once again, this horse has the right idea. The Olympic athlete thinks she can get a strange horse to just jump over crud all willy-nilly. Little does she know that this horse had one thing on his mind: apples. Sweet, delicious, succulent apples. He's on a beeline for apples and nobody better get in his way!

Okay, maybe it's not apples. Maybe it's sugar cubes. Or oats. Or tasty alfalfa. Either way, that horse ain't comin' back. You can run after it all you want, tears in your eyes, yelling, "Horse! HOOOOORSE! Come back! I can't finish horsing around without you! I have no chance of winning this horse segment without the crucial horse element! HOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRSE!" But the horse will pay no heed. He's already in the wind, not paying attention to your frantic pleas.

On the final day of the Olympics, we finally have an answer to that age-old question, "Who's gonna ride your wild horses?" No one, apparently.

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