Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy are among the 2016 inductees for the Pro Football Hame. On Aug. 6, all three will get to don their gold jackets and give their speeches to a waiting and joyous crowd in Canton.

Then, one day later, they'll get to watch their teams get it on.

The league announced on Tuesday that the 2016 NFL preseason will kick off with the Green Bay Packers taking on the Indianapolis Colts in the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 7. Favre spent a majority of his career wearing the Green and Yellow, while Harrison and Dungy both won a Super Bowl with the Colts.

So, all three will get a chance to be introduced at midfield and then watch Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck play one, maybe two series before calling it a night.

Preseason football is the worst.