The Carolina Panthers went 15-1, have a player in Cam Newton, who will likely be the league's MVP and have one of the best defenses out there. It's obvious that they've proven to be the real deal, but as veteran linebacker Thomas Davis points out, the 15-1 record doesn't mean very much if the Panthers can't get the job done in the postseason.

Via Joseph Person of The Charlotte Observer:

"It's very gratifying," Davis said of the most successful regular season in team history. "But it means nothing if we can't win in the playoffs."

"It's a great feeling to be 15-1, something that I've never been in my career and anybody in this locker room hasn't been 15-1. It's good to share that with our brothers, with each other," Davis said. "At the same time we know we can't lose sight of what we're trying to accomplish, and that's ultimately to win the Super Bowl."

This is the definition of how to keep a team focused, because Davis is spot on. The Panthers had a stellar regular season, but if they wind up falling short of their goal of a Super Bowl, then it just means that Carolina will be watching someone else celebrate at the end of the season.