One should not shoot from the other side of midfield because that is how one wastes possession and generally makes a fool of oneself.

Unless you are South Africa's Hlompho Kekana, in which case you are a perfect man who scores perfect goals from absurd places.

That's about 65 yards away! SIXTY FIVE.

And the goalkeeper is off his line, but Kekana isn't shooting into an empty goal. He has to get it up and over the goalkeeper. There's no boot-it-out-there-straight-and-watch-it-bounce-in madness. No, that's weak. He's putting it straight in and doing it from somewhat of an angle and what the hell? YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT.

It's David Beckham-esque.

But while Beckham stood there and just soaked it in, basking in his brilliance, Kekana lost his damn mind. As he should. That's relatable and how any sane human would react, even if scoring a goal like that is the most unrelatable thing anyone could do.

The match against Cameroon wound up a 2-2 draw, but the game will be remembered for Kekana's flash of brilliance.