There's going to be a Lionel Messi theme park

Lionel Messi is going to get his own theme park. The group that handles his image rights have agreed to a deal that will see the Messi Experience Park built in Nanjing, China, a giant space dedicated entirely to the Barcelona and Argentina superstar.

The theme park will have roughly20 attractions, each of them putting visitors into the world of Messi, from his childhood and past accomplishments, to experiencing what it's like to be him. That will include virtual and augmented reality, leveraging the latest technology.

The goal of the park is to"enable visitors to immerse themselves [in] all things Messi."

Messi will be involved in planning and building the park, lending his knowledge and insight, which is probably helpful since literally no other person on Earth could know what it's like to be the best player ever.

Cristiano Ronaldo may have a statue and an airport named after him, but Messi has his own theme park now. Point, Messi.


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