The Ultimate Writer: Julian Erosa breaks down Episode 8

On this episode of The Ultimate Fighter we start off with Artem vs. Jenks.

We all thought it would be a great fight since they both like to take punishment and neither guy would back down from each other. I think the advantage Artem had was his ability to stay loose and relaxed. Jenks is a tough guy but was just a little too tight and tense it seemed. They both started off pretty strong but Artem was able to land more punches than Jenks and eventually caught him in the eye and fractured his orbital.

After his eye was broken, Artem was able to get the finish. It was tough watching such a genuinely nice guy like Jenks get beat that way but he showed his toughness and ability to not give up where others would have.

Next up, we have Johnny vs. David. Classic fight between the striker vs wrestler/grappler. Johnny came out looking really good on his feet against a great striker like David.

David was able to land some brutal body shots that normally would have ended most fights. Johnny showed his toughness as well in this fight and was able to survive some brutal kicks and body shots and ended up on top of David for a decent amount of time in both the 2nd and 3rd rounds. However, he just wasn't able to get much damage in and David was able to win the decision and move on in the competition.

Next episode we have Abner vs Jason. Losing 3 in a row, us Americans need to get back on track. Tune in next week to see if that happens!