The Raiders think Oakland doesn't really want to keep them in town

The city of Oakland had a chance to tell the NFL why their storied football franchise should stay put.

Its leaders missed their deadline. Then, they submitted a haphazard review of city-team negotiations -- which Raiders owner Mark Davis took as a slight.

Davis, via the San Jose Mercury News: "They just don't want to play with us. I don't know why. I don't understand it."

Davis completely understands why, though. The cash-poor city and its mayor, Libby Schaaf, refuse to pay for a new Raiders home with taxpayer dollars.

So Davis offered a compromise involving free acres of land on which he could build a new field. The city countered with what Davis considered a lowball offer of 60 acres

Said Davis: "They're trying to say (build) in the corner of the parking lot, and we'll guarantee you parking, but we won't tell you where. That does not work for us. I want a clean template to build one of the nicest places in the Bay Area. The acreage and the land is the starting point. If we get a commitment on the land, we can go out and market this thing."