The Denver Nuggets play in one of the most difficult imaginable environments. The thin air of the Mile High City tends to wear you down pretty quick, and it's been a huge home court advantage for the Nuggets for years and years.

With that in mind, the Nuggets are taking steps as a team to be able to handle that pressure and be in premium shape.

Veteran point guard Jameer Nelson, who joined the Nuggets late last season, described one of the training methods the Nuggets went through this offseason to Nuggets.com:

"We had a NAVY SEAL come and talk to us. He explained the anaerobic threshold, meaning you always have more left in the tank. You have your nervous system shutting you down listening to your brain saying you're tired and you can't do it and you're frustrated.

He put us through a workout. It was intense. It wasn't easy. It was one of those things that we did the same exact thing over and over and he wanted to see who was going to break. It was unique because in the middle of the workout he made us do certain things with our eyes closed so we wouldn't look at each other. You want to get the best that you can get out of your workout and not look at the other guy and say keep pushing because you need to learn how to push yourself."